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We are thrilled to present to you our YMCA Swim Lesson program! Our staff is always working hard to improve and cultivate our swim lesson program. Our program will inspire your little swimmers (and big ones too) to meet goals, take challenges, and grow in confidence and self-assurance. Our five areas of focus for YMCA Swim Lessons are Personal Safety, Personal Growth, Stroke Development, Rescue and Water Sports & Games. We hope to encourage our youth to grow in character development by practicing our values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. You may see that the names of our levels have changed. If you need assistance in the placement of your child in YMCA Swim Lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to your family participating in this program!

If you have any questions or comments please contact Cierra at cmartin@aberdeenymca.org.

Session Dates & Fees
Lesson Requirements
Level Descriptions
Private Lessons
Aquatic Personal Training


Current Water Babies & Aqua Tots Sessions
Current Pre-School and Youth Swim Lessons Sessions
Current Adult Swim Lessons Sessions


AGE REQUIREMENTS: Participants in our Water Babies and Aqua Tots program, which is our Infant/Toddler Learn-to-Swim program, must be at least 6 months of age, up until 3 years of age. Learn more about Water Babies and Aqua Tots here.

Participants in our Pre-School Aquatics program must be about 3 years old, up until 6 years of age. We offer 4 levels of pre-school levels.

Participants in our Youth Swim Lesson program, should be 6 years of age and older. We offer 6 levels of Youth Swim Lessons. Levels are grouped by ability.

We suggest your child’s progression should be from Water Babies/Aqua Tots to Pre-School Aquatics, and then through our Youth Levels for the best possible success rate through our aquatic programming. If you are unsure which level your child should be placed in, please view the Level Descriptions or contact Cierra at cmartin@aberdeenymca.org.

PASSING CLASSES: It is not uncommon for a child to stay in a particular level several times before successful completion. It is natural for participants to develop motor skills and become comfortable with water at a different pace. Practicing skills during open and family swim is strongly recommended to improve swim skills.

MISSED CLASSES: Sorry, missed classes cannot be made up; nor are they refundable.

PARENT OBSERVATION: Unless involved in the Water Babies class, parents are only allowed to be in the pool deck seating area or along the south wall by the Lap Pool during lessons. This is to provide your child with the best possible learning experience. Please do not move chairs to the area of your child’s class. It is our ambition to help your child grow in their confidence and to progress with their skill level.

LOW PARTICIPATION POLICY: Due to cost, any lesson with fewer than 3 participants may be shortened or combined with classes of similar skill levels. Although the Aberdeen Family Y will try to accommodate your first choice for swim lessons, we reserve the right to change or cancel classes, based on registration. Participants who cannot attend a changed class will receive a refund.

REGISTRATION: Stop by the Y's front desk (Member Services) to register or ONLINE. Payment must be received at time of registration. No refunds or credits once a session begins.


swimming Why Choose YMCA Swim Lessons?


PIKE- Beginning Swimmer (Preschool 1)
Little swimmers develop safe pool habits, adjust to the water, and basic paddle stroke. To progress, child must feel comfortable holding face in water while blowing bubbles, and must be able to float on their back.

EEL (Preschool 2)
Child is comfortable in the water. Swimmer is taught to kick, dive, float and paddle stroke. To progress, child must swim across the pool without assistance with their face in the water.

RAY (Preschool 3)
Child can briefly swim independently without a floatation device.

Child improves stroke skills, builds endurance, and treads water. Child can swim on their front and back without assistance.

YOUTH LESSONS (ages 6-14)
POLLIWOG - Beginner (Level I) Students become acquainted with the water, floatation devices, and pool. Students will learn paddle stroke, side and back paddle. To move to the next level they will need to swim across the pool with assistance with their face in the water.

GUPPY (Level 2)
Students are introduced to lead-up strokes: Front and back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. Before moving on students must swim the length of the pool without assistance.

MINNOW (Level 3)
Students further refine the lead-up strokes: Front and back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. To move to the next level they need to be comfortable swimming all strokes 25 yards.

FISH (Level 4)
Students work to perform the crawl stroke, elementary backstroke, back crawl stroke, and side stroke with turns. They are introduced to butterfly stroke. To advance, students must be able to swim all strokes 50 yards without stopping.

Perform the front crawl, back stroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, & breast-stroke; to advance student needs tread water for three minutes with combination kicks plus swim all strokes 100 yards.

SHARK (Level 6)
Swimmers focus on perfecting strokes and increasing endurance with open and flip turns. Students also learn advanced skills in boating, safety, and rescues. Perform front crawl, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, & sidestroke with open turns; perform the butterfly.

Swimming is not only an essential life skill but it’s a cardio and resistance workout in one! The Y is now offering Adult Group Swim Lessons for Beginner and Intermediate Swimmers. Depending on your experience, sign up for the beginner class to become familiar with the water and learn basic swimming fundamentals. Choose the intermediate class to learn better swim techniques, drills, and basic training principles.



Our private swim lesson program offers individualized 30-minute lesson plans for people of all ages and abilities. Our instructors will work one-on-one with you or your child to improve on the many elements of swimming.

We have several Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certified teachers who can accommodate your schedule. If interested, please contact Cierra at cmartin@aberdeenymca.org.


Our aquatic personal training offers you a 30-minute, one-on-one session, which gives you a personal experience not found in a group setting. Water‘s natural resistance and balance provides the perfect setting for water training to get a great total body workout.

Aquatic personal training is also great for those with sports injuries, orthopedic concerns and people in need of a workout variety. It is also great for those considering triathlons, swim teams, or any other aquatic performance based activities.

If interested, please contact Cierra at cmartin@aberdeenymca.org.

To receive more information regarding Aquatics, please contact Cierra at cmartin@aberdeenymca.org.


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